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Saturday, July 27 | 2:45pm-3:45pm

FoxSaid Music & Art Festival

@ Athens Cotton Press

149 Oneta Street, Athens, GA

sea bubbles
The PG Show is an Athens, GA-based theatrical rock and roll band for kids AND their grownups! Featuring an All Star cast of seasoned regional musicians who also have extensive backgrounds in youth music education, The PG Show performs exciting songs about things like dinosaurs, shapes, fruits and veggies, and feelings. Join Cowboy Pete, Oklahoma Gretchen, their ever helpful road manager Terry,  and the enigmatic Bass Guy for a rollicking good time in this unique, Old-Time-Western-Show-With-a-Twist spectacle. It's gonna be a mountain of fun!
Oh What a Happy Day!
The PG Show Live at Burks Elementary School
Ready 4 Veggies by The PG Show (the vegetable song)  #childrensongs #kidsvideo #kindie #ska #reggae
What's Your Favorite Kind of Dinosaur? (the dinosaur song) | songs for kids | fun kids educational
Great Things to Remember
Cowpoke Lullaby | lullaby | sleep music | songs for kids

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